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David Powlison refers to anger as “the dark, turbulent emotion of destruction.” Anger comes in many forms. There’s the explosive anger of a parent who has finally had enough of their child’s stubborn rebellion. There’s the seething anger of the man or woman whose roommate has, once again, left their dirty dishes in the living room. And there’s the bitter anger of a relationship that has been sour for longer than you can remember. Anger comes in many forms, but it always blinds us to the truth, removes self-control, and leads to destruction. This is why all anger is a form of murder. Murder is the sinful destruction of human life. Anger may not bring that person’s life to an end, but anger lashes out at the other person in such a way that the bonds of love between you are damaged. Left to its work, anger will destroy your relationship with the other person. It will also destroy your own soul.

But there was one murder that brought life rather than death and destruction. On the cross, Jesus was murdered by sinful humanity, and by willingly offering himself for sinful people like you and me, he opened up a way to God. In one of the many great gospel paradoxes, only through Christ’s death can we have life. Christ bore not only the sinful anger of sinful men but the just wrath of a holy God. Our anger, whether passive-aggressive or just aggressive, deserves God’s wrath and punishment, and Jesus bore the full weight of that punishment. If you have placed your trust in Christ, then every harsh word, bitter thought, and violent outburst, ALL of your anger, was nailed to the cross with Jesus. There is no longer room for anger at the foot of the cross. Instead, let us come to worship Jesus with thankful humility in acknowledgment of what He has done.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 19:1-21
Sermon: Protect the Sanctity of Human Life


Let Your Kingdom Come (Bob Kauflin)
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God All Nature Sings Thy Glory (Traditional)
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Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive (Tune: How Sweet and Awesome)
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Kindness (Chris Tomlin)
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Song of Preparation: O Lord Thou Judge of All The Earth (J.D. Goodwyne)
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Song of Response: Depth of Mercy (Red Mountain Music)
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