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Good leadership is important. History is full of people who left a mark on their day because of their ability to lead. Ancient Egypt, first century Rome, Spain during the Age of Exploration, Revolutionary War America, and the Allied nations in WWII have gone down in history because they had leaders who led well. The Third Reich and Soviet Russia will also be remembered forever because of their leaders. Just as good leadership is important on a government level, it is also important for the church. While many pastors lead their churches well and set a godly example for their flock, it is far too common for pastors to leave brokenness in their wake by setting an example of marital unfaithfulness, extortion, and other serious sins. Leadership matters.

In the Old Testament, God set up leaders in Israel. The three primary positions of leadership were those of prophet, priest, and king. God established these offices so that His people would have godly leaders who would lead them in the way of godliness and repentance. However, the history of Israel is one of growing corruption. As sinful men stepped into these positions of leadership, they led the people of Israel further and further down the path of sin, idolatry, and rebellion against God. Because of this, God is constantly promising to send a future king, a future prophet, and a future priest who will fill these roles perfectly and lead God’s people in the way of righteousness.

Jesus is this leader. He is the perfect king, the perfect prophet, and the perfect priest. As such, He is our example, He is our protector, He is our teacher, and He is our savior. We can have confidence that if we follow Him, He will be faithful to lead us in paths of truth and righteousness. He will bring us through to the end. No other leader can say that. All human leaders will fail at times. They will disappoint us, and they will sin. Because only Jesus is perfect, only Jesus can lead us perfectly. Therefore, let us follow Jesus, our Shepherd King.


Scripture: Zechariah 9-11
Sermon: The Coming Shepherd King


Our God Our Help In Ages Past  (Cardiphonia)
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Lead On O King Eternal (Indelible Grace)
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Isaiah 43 (Billy Sprague)
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Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (Traditional)
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Song of Preparation: Jesus Savior Pilot Me
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Song of Response: Lo He Comes  (Indelible Grace)
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