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I have always hated doing group projects in school. Between finding a time to meet that works for everyone and trying to make sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do, it feels like group projects end up taking about twice as much work. And inevitably, someone doesn’t do their part, and the whole group looks bad as a result. But done well group projects can actually be pretty nice. The key is having someone in the group who is willing to take the initiative to figure out what needs to be done and delegate tasks. You need one (and only one) person to step up as a leader and do extra work on the front end to make everyone else’s work easier. When we see this other person in our group doing more than their share of the work, it’s easier to be motivated to do our part of the work because we know it won’t go to waste and we aren’t on our own.

God is at work. Not only does He do more than His share of the work, He is the one actually doing the work throughout. God the Father was at work in sending Jesus. Jesus (God the Son) was at work through His death and resurrection in order to purchase our redemption. God the Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts and lives of people in order to apply the blood of Christ and make us holy. Because God is at work, our work matters. He works through our puny efforts to accomplish great things. He works through our faltering attempts to evangelize our neighbors. He works through our one step forward/two steps back attempts at righteous living and uses them to sanctify us. Therefore, do “not grow weary of doing good,” (Galatians 6:9) because God works through our efforts to obey Him and glorify Him.


Scripture: Zechariah 6
Sermon: Look… the Lord is at Work


A Mighty Fortress is Our God (Traditional)
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Hail To the Lord’s Anointed (Sandra McCracken)
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How Firm a Foundation
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Psalm 62 (Aaron Keyes)
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Song of Preparation: By Faith (Getty)
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Song of Response: Before the Throne of God Above (Sovereign Grace Worship)
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