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There are two kinds of people in the world: Mountain people and beach people. There are extremes on both sides, and there are people who find themselves closer to the middle, but if you pushed hard enough I do not think anyone would be found standing exactly on the 50% line. Charlotte is in a great location because it is physically the 50% point between the mountains and beach. It seems like every week this summer I met someone who really was excited because they were going to one or the other in the following few days. I think we are drawn to these things because there is majesty they possess. There is grandness in the mountains that we are attracted to. There is power in the ocean that pulls us into it. I am definitely on the beach side of the line. One of the most peaceful things I like to do on beach days is to wade out into the water just past where the waves are crashing. You can’t hear the crowds back on the beach. You can’t hear your mom telling you that you’ve gone out way too deep. You simply lie back and close your eyes and pretend to float and feel the gentle rocks of the unbroken waves bob you up and down. There is a frightening part of the ocean being so big, but there is also a comfort that comes in feeling so little. It’s no wonder surfers are laid back since they get to do this all the time! You can have the same experience in the mountains. No one can look out over the Blue Ridge Mountains and think, “Wow, aren’t humans mighty and powerful?” One just needs to look into a starlit night to feel unbelievably little. When looking down from a mountaintop, the anxieties of work, the stresses of relationships, and the burdens of this world seem really small too.

Unfortunately, these moments only tend to come on special occasions. God made the universe gigantic to remind us that despite our attitudes and behaviors, it’s not actually all about us. Our passage this week calls us to, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” This is not merely a call to change our perspective about earthly things (although that often happens as a result). It is a call to think about God more – to consider His majesty and beauty and splendor at all times. Jonathan Edwards would go out on horseback rides through the countryside. While he was out, he would write miscellaneous notes about God and then pin them to his jacket in order to not lose them. He would then ride back and it would look as if he was out in a snowstorm because of all the confetti notes flapping behind him in the wind. He was thinking about God all the time. It is no wonder that this pastor-scholar wrote, “Our hungerings and thirstings after God and Jesus Christ and after holiness can’t be too great for the value of these things, for they are things of infinite value.” We do not need to worry about thinking about God too often just like how we don’t need to worry about accidentally swallowing the entire ocean while going out for a swim. God deserves our undivided attention and our best thoughts all the time. If we feel at peace while gazing at the grandness of nature, how much more will we enjoy basking in the glory of our Resurrected Savior! I encourage you today, whether it is a moment right now, on your drive to Uptown, or if you’re already sitting in your pew: Be still and recognize that God is God. He will be exalted among the nations, he will be exalted in the earth! Exalt him today! Seek His face until the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of His glorious grace. Wade fearlessly into the depths of His love for you and set your mind on Him, for he cares for you.


Scripture: Colossians 3:1-4
Sermon: Look Up (Not Down)


For All the Saints (Indelible Grace)
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Come As You Are (Crowder)
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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Helen Howarth Lemmel)
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Song of Preparation: Psalm 16: Fullness of Joy (Shane & Shane)
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Song of Response: Christ is Enough  (Hillsong)
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