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One of my favorite icebreaker questions is, “If you had to be handcuffed to someone for a week (it can’t be your spouse), who would you choose, and why?” In fact, take a moment right now and think about it for yourself (or answer it out loud if you’re reading this with someone). One of the reasons I love this question is that there are a million different ways that someone could answer it, and how you answer it can reveal a lot about what things you value. But the bigger reason that I love it is that the choice you make has endless (hypothetical) repercussions. Being handcuffed to someone for a week would have an impact on everything from work and exercise to sleep and going to the bathroom.

If you’re a Christian, the reality is that you have been permanently joined together with someone: Christ. You have been united to Christ. While all doctrines have an impact on how we live, there may be no doctrine that has more of an impact than our union with Christ. As we come to worship this week, as you sing the songs and listen to the sermon, I would encourage you to consciously be thinking, “How does the gospel, how does the reality of my union with Christ affect the way I live?” Our union with Christ changes who we are; this means it should also change the way we live.


Scripture: Romans 6:1-11
Sermon: The Gracious Power for Living: Union with Christ


And Can It Be (Scott Roley)
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Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)
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Rock of Ages (Traditional)
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Song of Preparation: Sovereign Grace O’er Sin Abounding (Sandra McCracken)
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Song of Response: In Christ Alone (Keith and Kristin Getty)
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