It’s hard to believe, but Aly and I have been in Charlotte for three years now, and it’s already time for us to get ready to move on to what is next. As we reflect on our time here we’re struck with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that the Lord has provided for our family: a loving church, a sweet community, a graduate degree, a call to ministry, the best dog in the world (don’t try to fight me on this one), and a baby due in December! It’s amazing to see the abundance of our Lord’s provision in just three short years!

In light of these great blessings, I’d like to give some thankful reflections about our time at Uptown:

Welcoming Community:

When we arrived in Charlotte and came to Uptown we were immediately struck by both the joyful worship that was occurring and the warm welcome we received. Those two things have continued to define our time at Uptown, and we’re so thankful that you all reached out to us from the beginning and drew us into your community. Our hearts have blossomed as we’ve grown in our understanding of the great importance of community in your midst.

Life Group:

Although we immediately felt welcomed at Uptown, it took some time for us to truly feel connected to the church. Enter Life Group (sorry VT fans, not Sandman). About 6 months into our time in Charlotte and at Uptown we realized we needed to really commit to Uptown and our Life Group. It was through our Life Group that we were able to sink more deeply into the loving community of the church. Shout out to the Price-Corwin-Savant Life Group!! The relationships that we’ve had in our group over the past few years have been so sweet for us, and we’ve continued to learn so much from our friends there.

Seriously y’all, Life Groups. If you’re not in one, join one. They’re not always perfect, but they’re good for your heart.

The Gathering:

If you want to get a glimpse about how much the Lord is blessing Uptown church, just take a look at the number of young adults joining the church at Uptown. Being able to serve the young adults has been such a great influence for Aly and me. Young Adults, keep at it! Keep pouring into the life of the church, because in the community of saints we experience Christ more than we ever could on our own. I’ve found that to be true with you all, and I’m thankful for that. Love you all!


Over the past two years, I’ve been able to serve as both the Adult Education & Discipleship Intern as well as The Gathering Intern. Both have been phenomenal experiences! The intentionality of Uptown’s leadership in creating a “leadership greenhouse” is so impactful. The practical ministry training I’ve been able to receive at Uptown is second to none, and couples so well with my seminary training. I want to thank Tom, Dave, Mike, Wes and the rest of the officers for continuing to intentionally pour into my life over the past few years. For challenging me, encouraging me, modeling ministry for me, and passionately leading me I am forever thankful.

What’s Next?:

Aly and I are so excited for the plan that the Lord has laid for us. We are currently raising support to move to Prague, Czech Republic where I’ll be working as an assistant pastor at Faith Community Church (FCC). We’ve had a heart for international missions for some time, and the Lord has used my seminary training and Uptown to develop a deep love for Christ’s church as well. So, we couldn’t be more excited to be able to serve in the church abroad.

Part of our excitement about working at FCC is wrapped up in the fact that we’ll continue to be somewhat connected to Uptown! We love how well Uptown has continued to love and support FCC over the years, and we look forward to both coming back to Uptown when in the States and joyfully receiving each and every one of you that wants to visit us in Prague!

Uptown, the Lord has blessed you. Remember that his blessing comes from his grace alone and not by our own effort, excellence, or merit. Continue to seek first the Lord and his Kingdom in all things that Charlotte and the world might know the Hope of Christ! We love you, we look forward to continuing to worship with you over the next few months, and we’re so incredibly thankful for you. We’ll see you soon!

With Deep Affection,

Wade and Aly Savant

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