1. Reflecting on the state of your heart, how are you currently doing with compassion for those in need?  What does that tell you about your grasp of your need for mercy and God’s mercy poured out for you through the cross?

2. Read through Uptown’s Philosophy of Mercy Ministry.  How do you think we as a church are doing in this area?  Where are we strong?  Where can we grow?  Where could you see your gifts fitting in?

3. Of the 10 practical mercy ministry ideas that were mentioned, which one stood out to you?  What is the first step you will do to pursue that goal?

  1. Sign up to be a Brookstone Lunch Buddy
  2. Sign up to serve on a Pregnancy Resource Center prayer team for a day
  3. Make helping bags (ziplock bags filled with necessary items you can hand out when you come across those in need)
  4. Lead your life group in a mercy project
  5. Sign up to serve on the board of one of the mercy organizations we support
  6. Bring a meal to someone in need
  7. Buy a “world bank” and help your kids collect and distribute it to support those in need around the world through reputable ministries like Samaritan’s Purse or World Vision
  8. Set up a meals ministry in your neighborhood
  9. Approach the deacons to see if you can organize a church wide service event with one of the organizations we support
  10. Split a lunch-Next time you are on the way to lunch and someone asks you for help take the money you were going to spend on lunch and buy two fast food meals and bring them one.
  11. Ask the youth group if you can come along next time they go to serve the homeless in Uptown.

During the sermon Dave mentioned an interview with John Piper about interacting with homeless people. Here is a link to the interview: http://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/how-to-handle-panhandlers

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