1. The primary way that we are being called to apply this month’s sermon series is by sharing the gospel with our unbelieving friends. Take a moment to think of someone that you would like to share the gospel with this Christmas season. Spend some time in prayer for them.
  2. Which of the three basic statements of the gospel do you find hardest to believe: our sin deserves death, salvation only comes by grace, or salvation is only found in Christ? What about it is hard to believe?
  3. As you think about the non-Christians that you know, which of these three basic statements of the gospel do they most need to hear? Which one is the largest barrier to them coming to a saving faith? (Do they think they aren’t that sinful? Are they trying to earn God’s favor? Do they think there are ways other than Jesus?)
  4. After listening to this sermon, how would you go about explaining the gospel to a non-Christian?

In the sermon, Tom referenced an evangelism tool called One Verse Evangelism. It can be accessed here: One-Verse-Evangelism

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