Admittedly, it is a bit easier to come up with sermon reflection questions when you’re reflecting on your own sermon.  The following questions are some of the main application questions that I thought were appropriate for our text and sermon yesterday.

  • In what way have you been distracted or distracting in our corporate worship service?  How can those distractions be minimized?
  • What are your spiritual gifts?  If you know what they are, are you currently sharing them with the church?  In what ways could you be serving the church that you currently are not?
  • What is one area of life in which you should be submitting, but you aren’t?  Why is it so difficult for you to submit?

There are a lot more questions I would love to ask, but I think these are the most important.  These are the questions that I’ll be asking myself as I try to let the Word of God soak into my heart this week.

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