In our sermon yesterday titled “Free to Edify,” based on 1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1, Pastor Tom asked us some  pointed questions that we would do well to consider this week.  Some of these were…

  • What freedoms have we been given that we withhold from God?
  • Many of the sins in our body of believers at Uptown Church are sins of omission rather than commission.  What are your sins of omission?
  • Might you be allowing a loved one to remain in sin out a desire for your own comfort?  How else have you put human relationships before your of yours or your loved ones’ relationships with God?
  • Are you trying to win converts for Christ without calling them to repentance?  Isn’t this just winning friends for yourself?

Let us consider these questions as we seek to serve the Lord and his people this week in our daily lives.  Remember that a little bit of attention and a kind word go a long way!

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