We heard a great sermon by Pastor Dave yesterday titled “Divinely Designed and Distinctly Different,” which delved into the issues of gender differences.  We can either deny these distinctions or embrace them.  Here are some reflective questions from the sermon:

  • What has culture told us about gender differences?  How does this align with Scripture?
  • How have you dishonored God by denying gender distinctions?  (not just categorical denial, but even momentary denials)  How do you fail to embrace biblical submission?
  • Women: how do you reject complimentarianism?  How well do you empower your husband to lead the family?
  • Men: how do you misrepresent complimentarianism?  How well do you lead your family spiritually?  What can you do to improve?

If we are honest with ourselves, these are very hard questions.  None of us are perfectly submissive.  Let us embrace the distinctions which God has wisely established.  Let us worship him rather than quarrel with him.

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