In our worship service yesterday, Rev. Tyler Dirks, RUF Campus Minister at Johnson & Wales, preached a message from 1 Corinthians 12 titled “The Harmonious Hierarchy of the Church.” Here are some questions for reflection as Paul tells us to “practice these things” (Philippians 4:9) in our daily lives.

  • In our context (church, city, time), what characterizes a “weak” or “strong” member of the body of Christ? Do you tend to esteem the “strong” in the church while begrudging or looking down on the “weak?” if the weaker members are to be honored, in what ways can you tend to them?
  • Do you recognize your need of the body of Christ? Have you been idle, thinking the church didn’t really need you? How can you fulfill your calling in the church?
  • All Christians are given gifts as the Spirit wills. For who’s glory have you used (or not used) your gifts? How can you use your gifts for God’s glory and for building up the church of Christ?

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