This past Lord’s Day, we heard a sermon from Pastor Tom entitled “Worthily Receive the Lord’s Supper,” which we then had the opportunity to immediately practice by observing the Supper. Here are some questions for reflection as we “practice these things” Philippians 4:9 in our daily lives.

  • Do you believe in the reality of the supper? Does your scientific mind allow you to believe that Christ is truly and really present in the elements as you take them? Do you find yourself partaking in doubt, or casually as though it didn’t matter?
  • How do we “proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” in taking the Supper?
  • Is there anyone with whom you need reconciliation? Is there anyone from whom you should ask forgiveness or to whom you should give it?
  • Are you coming to the table with unconfessed sin or an unrepentant heart? Are you bringing an elephant to a meal with Jesus and acting as though things are fine?

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