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Friday, March 18 was Christy Talamo’s last day in the office. She is currently working from home preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend, and will officially retire as the Children’s Ministry Director for Uptown Church. In these last days of having her on staff we have been trying to say goodbye well. Last week we had a final staff celebration lunch where we blessed Christy with words and gifts.

The most important of the gifts, well at least the one that got the biggest reaction, was the picture you see above. The story behind this is that a few weeks ago Christy said she has loved her job, and the staff, so much that she would love to have a professional picture taken of the staff. Somehow that got morphed into all of us going down to Carowinds and getting one of those Western pictures taken. With Jeremy Goodwyne’s photoshop skills that dream became a reality. Christy loved the photo as you will see below.


Christy’s reaction to receiving the Western staff picture!


However, the most meaningful part of the lunch was when we took turns blessing Christy with our words. The reflections focused on memories we will remember about working with Christy and pointing out reasons we are thankful she has served in this position. There were many stories shared about how God has used her in this role. The reflections considered her joyful personality and the way it impacts our staff, her love for the children, her desire to see children grow in their relationship with and love for Jesus and for the positive mark she has left on this ministry. As her boss, I expressed my thanksgiving for her diligence, her love for kids and we laughed remembering the many events we have been able to MC together. Goodbyes are not easy, and it wasn’t easy for everyone to get their words out, but it was a blessed way to say goodbye.

In addition to the lunch and the church announcement that was made recently, we also considered sending a push notification from the app on her last day which would have been made up of only Emojis (These are part of Christy’s love Language). We decided against it because we promised not to abuse the push notifications, but it would have looked something like this:

FullSizeRender (3)


Thankfully for us and for our church, although Christy is stepping off staff she and Joey will continue to be a part of Uptown! We are so thankful for this dynamic duo who both have such servants hearts- and we know you are too.

Please join us in:

  • Thanking Christy for her service
  • Praying for the arrival of baby Rosie
  • Praying for the transition to life with a baby, and
  • Praying for this transition for our church as well!


Author: Rev. Dave Kulp

Written by : uptownworship


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