blog pic coffee 2Everyday, many times a day, we make conscious decisions to turn to things that we hope will give us a little “somethin-somethin”, a pick me up, a little measure of peace, a taste of joy.

I do it with coffee, I do it with lunch, I do it with the cookies I shouldn’t eat but I eat 2 or 3 hoping the second and third will bring what the first did not. I have hope that what I read or watch will be fulfilling, I invest moments in Facebook and Twitter hoping for a return on investment…and I put even greater hopes in things much less trivial.

We, the consumers are products of our produced consumer culture. But that is nothing new. Ever since the fall of man all people have been on the search for satisfaction. Something deep inside us was broken and since then we have been in search of peace, rest and joy.

Do you need your soul revived? Aren’t we seeking this regularly?
Where do you turn when you want your heart to rejoice? Don’t we look all over?

God is calling to us in these desires, calling us to seek him in his word.

Listen to some of the benefits of turning to Jesus in the word of God (From Psalm 19):
When we seek Jesus in the word of God our soul is revived
When we seek Jesus in the word of God the simple are made wise
When we seek Jesus in the word of God our heart rejoices
When we seek Jesus in the word of God our eyes are enlightened

Isn’t this what we are constantly in search of?

Psalm 19 also uses these words to describe the word: perfect, sure, right, pure, clean and true.

We are all seeking that pick me up, but maybe we are searching in the wrong places. Apparently seeking Jesus in the Word is better for our souls, our hearts, our brains and our eyes than turning to Oreos. It provides what social media and Netflix cannot, it promises what we so desperately search for.

Lord, give us hearts to seek You in Your word.


Author: Rev. Dave Kulp

Written by : uptownworship


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