Uptown Church Helping Neighbor Challenge

This year’s Vision Banquet focused on one of our church’s core values, specifically our desire to be a helping neighbor. The presentations focused on that theme from many different angles including: serving the city by getting involved with mercy ministries in Charlotte, the importance of building relationships and caring for one another within the church, and the importance of knowing and caring for your actual neighbors.

In hopes of equipping you to build relationships with those in your neighborhood, we launched the Uptown Church Helping Neighbor Challenge. In case you weren’t there we wanted to share this idea with you and encourage you to pick up a basket or two and get started.

Here is the idea:

One of the most opportune moments to reach a neighbor is when
they first move into their new home. We want to equip and encourage you to build bridges into people’s lives as soon as they move in with the ultimate hope that you will be able to build relationships, invest in their lives and point them to Christ. So…we are giving you an empty basket…um, hear us out.   Your job is to fill this basket with some items that would be beneficial to people that are moving, some of whom might be brand new to Charlotte, and then deliver it to them while introducing yourself during the first week after their arrival.  Anyone who has ever been new in town knows what a gift this can be!

Here are some things you could include in your welcome basket:

  • Homemade cookies or an item from your favorite local bakery
  • Hand soap
  • Bottled water
  • Candle
  • Then, attached to each basket is a card that adds a personal touch including recommendations and your contact info. Here is the info you can include:
    • Eat at: A list of favorite local restaurants
    • Fun: Fun things to do in Charlotte (Ex: Knights Baseball, Discovery Place etc.)
    • Service: A few recommended service providers (ex: automotive, handyman, lawn service)
    • Our Church: This serves as a simple invitation to your church

So…an empty basket? It is a gift, but you can consider it a challenge. It is our hope that this experience gives you a vision for a simple, sustainable and fun way to serve your neighborhood, reach out to new neighbors and point others to Christ. So, pick up a couple of baskets and keep your eyes open for sold signs and moving trucks and enjoy meeting those new neighbors!  (P.S. – For future baskets, you can find the card template on the Uptown Church website under resources, HERE).

Author: Rev. Dave Kulp

Written by : uptownworship


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