This past Friday night was our Father/Child Knights night. This was a very simple yet intentional event reinforcing that at Uptown church we are seeking to raise up men who love, serve and sacrifice for their families.

As I looked around here is what I saw:

Dads connecting with their kids: From the moment I arrived I saw dads playing catch with their kids and walking to the park hand in hand. Once the game began I saw dads lead many a bathroom break and buying all sorts of dad approved treats. I even heard that some guys got through some of the discussion questions with their kids! I am not sure how much baseball our crew saw, but seeing dads delight in their kids was great.

Dads connecting with other kids: We had most of the left field section and the kids took full advantage of that. The children were like free range chickens going over and under, here to there, row to row, and the dad’s did a great job interacting with them all. Seeing kids feel comfortable to go sit with other families was a great reminder of the Christ centered community at Uptown Church.

Dads connecting with other dads: Of course the kids were talking with each other, but everywhere I looked I saw men talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company too. It is a blessing to be a part of a solid men’s community at Uptown Church.

Here are some pictures of some of the great dads that came out for the Father/Child Knight’s night:

IMG_3938Chad Kraska let his daughter Clara Jane wear some nice shades for the night out on the town!

 IMG_3946Graham Davis looked at his dad with even more respect after he caught this t-shirt for him.


IMG_3931Jon and Ben Levy caught celebrating a homerun by Knight Left fielder Matt Tuiasosopo! Tuiasosopo had 3, yes 3, homeruns that night, and Ben levy was just as excited each time.


IMG_3948I have not heard, but we were thinking Joel Palmer might have gotten in trouble for letting Caroline come home looking like this.


IMG_3952Jason and Gilmore Doughty enjoying some Dippin’ dots out of a Knights helmet. (There was a robust debate in the stands as to whether on not the Ice Cream of the future should now be the ice cream of today).

IMG_4038The dad’s that stayed until the end got to see two fireworks displays, first from fan fest at Bank of America Stadium, and then at the knights. Wes and Waylon Andrews agreed that the knight’s fireworks were both louder and better!


It was honestly a great night: The Knights won, the fireworks were great, but the best part was going home reflecting on what God is doing in the men of Uptown Church.

Thanks be to God.


Author: Rev. Dave Kulp



Written by : uptownworship


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