Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

Sermon: “Body Awareness”


Worship Leader: Paul Winter

A Mighty Fortress is Our God
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What Wondrous Love is This
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Mighty is the Power of the Cross
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On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand
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Jesus Lives and So Shall I (offering)
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All Things New (Red Mountain)
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We have the humbling opportunity at Uptown to support many missionaries in many countries across the world. Our missions committee does a wonderful job of tracking with the work of all of our sponsored missionaries, and helping our community to stay informed and up-to-date on their circumstances and work. One of the ways we track with them is by asking them to give “Missions Moment” updates as a part of our worship service when they are in town. Liturgically, a Missions Moment serves public worship in the same way that a testimony does. It is a public witness to the transformative work of the gospel on lives and places. We should not think of it only as being “news” or “information;” rather we should think of witness in the judicial sense as “evidence” or “proof” of Christ’s work and reign over all.

This Sunday, we are joined by Dave and Rebecca Latham. Dave is a former Uptown Intern, and is now serving as a campus minister with RUF to Christopher Newport University, in Newport News, VA. You can see what the Lord is doing with and through the Lathams at the CNURUF website.

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